Your body and mind work together to create harmonious well-being. When you are working with a nutrition and fitness plan you may encounter some pain and inflammation. You may also have some anxiety or stress. It is helpful to find a natural way to alleviate these issues so you can get the most from your training efforts. US grown CBD oil is an organic option to prescription medications.

What is Organic CBD Oil?

Our US grown CBD oil is 100% organic and pesticide free. It is made using high quality derivatives without any THC. THC is the substance in marijuana that makes it psychoactive. CBD is the common abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is harvested from strains of cannabis plants. CBD has been known to reduce pain and inflammation, reduce anxiety and stress and alleviate discomfort due to a variety of conditions.

Why Take CBD Oil?

US grown CBD oil is a natural option to relieve pain and inflammation and to reduce anxiety and depression. When you are undergoing a lifestyle change and taking part in a new nutritional and exercise program you want to find a holistic approach to pain treatment. CBD is a natural substance that is easy to take. CBD oil is typically taken by placing drops under the tongue. This makes it fast and easy to get into your system. You may begin to feel relief in 20 minutes or less. You must follow the package instructions to determine dosage.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

US grown CBD oil is considered safe and has few if any side effects. Many studies have been done but there is still much research that will occur in the future. CBD oil is not federally regulated so it is important to choose high quality products that have been organically grown. At Axios we have extremely high standards and offer only the best CBD oil on the market. You can trust that CBD oil is organic and free from any chemicals or pesticides.

What Are the Side Effects of CBD Oil?

Our CBD oil is virtually free from any negative side effects. Because it does not contain THC it should not cause drowsiness. When taken as directed you will enjoy all of the benefits of relief without any addictive or other effects on your body. CBD oil works well for most people. Do not take more than directed. Our CBD oil has a pleasant taste but if you prefer you can take it with your favorite juice or other beverage.

US grown CBD oil is produced in the United States under controlled conditions. You can be sure that the product is made of high quality substances and is 100% organic. It is the ideal addition to a new healthy lifestyle when you prefer not to take unnatural prescriptions that could be harmful or addictive. Our CBD oil is the perfect complement to our nutrition and exercise programs. You can reduce your stress and anxiety and alleviate pain and inflammation when you use CBD oil.  

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