The Plan – 90 Day Holiday Shred

I have decided to embark on a 90 Holiday Shred journey and share every single step of the way with all of you.  Why you may ask?  In all honesty, these last few months have been tough for me.  I have been battling an injury, building a new company (more on that soon!), managing clients, emceeing for the Kings AND UC Davis, all while trying to be a great girlfriend, sister, daughter and friend to those I love.  It has been overwhelming to say the least and altered my priorities.  Not being able to perform in the gym has been a HUGE mental struggle and I need a way to get back into my health and fitness groove.  Although I am not unhappy with my appearance right now, I am unhappy with how I have let my decisions interfere with my health.  I want to start prioritizing my health again and I need all of your help to do it.

I will share what I eat, my workouts, recipes, tracking tips and tricks and my progress with you every day.  Accountability has been the piece of the puzzle I have been missing and I know hearing from all of you and seeing your progress would help me stay on track.  Please use the #AxiosArmy in all of your posts and comments!  Tag me in your progress photos (@KaterinaKountouris)! Share everything with me so I can highlight all of you and the hard work that you have all put in!

Make sure to check back in tomorrow to see Day 1 workout and nutrition information!

Let’s kick the holidays’ ASS!