Mark Trujillo

At the beginning of the year, our company hired Axios Nutrition to come in and give our employees nutrition and fitness seminars as well as one on one consultations. I took information from the first seminar that Katerina gave, and immediately saw results and was able to understand my nutrition, health, and fitness needs more clearly. She puts it all into a clear and easy to understand perspective and equips you with the best knowledge to help you work toward your goals. She also provided us with a meal prep class that works well for busy working-class people. I’ve been following the nutrition/fitness advice given by Katerina for about 6 weeks and have lost significant weight and feel healthier in my day to day life. She gives you the tools to be successful for the long run, with no fad diets or huge impacts to an enjoyable lifestyle. Look forward to continue learning and utilizing the coaching that Katerina offers!