Working with Katerina has completely changed my relationship with food and has transformed my body. Before working with her I would eat ‘clean’ during the week and would binge on the weekends. After eating too much I would always feel guilty and would then attempt to break even by cutting my food intake in the days that followed. Not only did this hurt my metabolism but it prevented me from seeing results from all the time I was putting in at the gym.

I finally hit my breaking point a few months ago and decided I needed to hire a professional to help me with my diet. I started with Katerina the next day and have not looked back since. Thanks to her coaching I am now able to eat all of the foods I love without the guilt. Every week my body is progressing, and I continually get to eat MORE CARBS. I now have a legit 6 pack and am eating more food than I ever thought I would be able to. My husband was so amazed by my transformation that he has also hired Katerina. Thank you Axios