When I started working with Katerina on September 30th, I was initially skeptical about the idea of tracking my food and this idea of “if it fits within your macros”. Although the idea of counting macros and tracking what I ate was not foreign to me, I wasn’t a fan of it and honestly went into it with not the most positive frame of mind. My age, some unique health concerns and specific dietary restrictions made me question whether or not it would be a fit.

Boy was I wrong. On September 20, 2017, I weighed in at 176.4lbs and 31.8% body fat. Flash forward to the present, I am down to 153lbs and 25.2% body fat!! I am eating more food than I ever have in the past, my gym performance is off the charts and I feel amazing! Just since I have changed my nutrition while working with Katerina, I have gotten strict pullups, rope climbs, toes to bar, and am close to getting handstand pushups! I increased my 5K run time from 31:00 to 29:30, a 9:30 minute mile pace!!

In addition to the gym performance, the weight and body fat improvement, the most amazing change I have experienced is how I feel and my positive attitude towards life….the joy and happiness I feel after embarking on this lifestyle change has been almost overwhelming. By dialing in my nutrition and aligning it with my exercise routine, my quality of life has continued to improve as has my overall happiness and well-being.
I am 50 years old and I have never been more fit and happy before in my entire life!.

Katerina was very patient with me in answering my many questions, providing me with resources and reassurance throughout the process of my journey. I have fallen in love with the macros system because it allows me to eat what I want as long as it fits within my macro prescription. I control what I eat and personally, I really enjoyed cooking and feel confident in my food choices. I choose to stay within certain food parameters because its works best for me but the concept doesn’t have any prescribed restrictions. There is so much flexibility, which makes it perfect for how crazy life can get at times. And, Katerina is so amazingly approachable and down to earth. She made me feel so comfortable when I started off on this journey and I am so very grateful to her for how genuine, supportive, educational, encouraging and reassuring she has been and continues to be. She continually provides guidance, motivation and inspiration to me and everyone she works with.