CBD Oil for Sleep

If you are an experienced cannabis user, you already know that the natural herb affects the way you sleep. What you might not know is that CBD and THC work very differently on the sleep centers of your brain. If you want to know more about using CBD oil for sleep, read on.

Different strains of cannabis can get you super high. Others may barely affect you at all, at least as far as a buzz is concerned. Cannabis strains that are very high in THC will give you a major buzz. Bud that is rich in CBD but low in intoxicating THC will give you a wonderful sense of relaxation as well as pain alleviation, but it won't make your brain feel a whole lot different.

The experts at Leafly recently presented the results of a fascinating 2006 study on CBD oil for sleep. Before the study in question, most sleep studies involving cannabis relied on strains with plentiful THC. According to Leafly, study results show that pure CBD oil in small doses may increase daytime alertness. In larger doses, CBD inhibits inflammation, alleviates pain, and contributes to a sense of relaxation.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of a hundred or more chemical compounds that occur naturally within cannabis indica, cannabis sativa,, and hemp plants. Currently, much research is being done to find out how and why CBD oil for sleep is so effective. CBD oil is justn't for sleep, however.

CBD is used to treat a broad range of conditions, including epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and some forms of cancer. When CBD is sold in supplemental form without any psychoactive THC, CBD oil for sleep is legal in all fifty states. This means that even if you live in a state where marijuana is illegal, you may still purchase, own, and use CBD oil for sleep.

What are Cannabinoids

The wondrous cannabis plant contains many compounds that hold therapeutic value. The two that have been studied the most so far are tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD. When marijuana is smoked or ingested, THC delivers a “high” that many people find quite pleasant. CBD, on the other hand, delivers no intoxication whatsoever. In fact, you could take a whole lot of CBD oil for sleep and not feel anything except relaxed and ready to snooze.

CBD may be extracted from cannabis plants or hemp. In fact, some of the best CBD oil to help you sleep is made from the same non-psychoactive hemp used to make boat sails and painters canvasses. CBD supplements are available in oils, sprays, inhalers, tablets, capsules, and tinctures. CBD may also be an ingredient in lotions and balms that are to be applied topically.

CBD oil for sleep reduces anxiety and contributes to a kind sense of calm. CBD may reduce or even eliminate insomnia while increasing the overall quality of sleep. AXIOS invites anyone over the age of 18 to try our products for themselves and let us know how they work.


Cbd Oil For Sleep
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