Katerina Kountouris is a Nutritionist, B.S. Clinical Nutrition, and Certified Personal Trainer. In addition she is currently a Professional Host & Live Event Emcee for the NBA Sacramento Kings. Although she has been an athlete for most of her life,  it was during her college years pursuing her degree in Clinical Nutrition fromUC Davis and working as a Sacramento Kings dancer that she fell in love with fitness.

Katerina has lived through the never ending cycle of self-hate, guilt, and binge-eating, which eventually led to an eating disorder. It was when she found IIFYM (if it fits in your macros) that her life truly changed. IIFIYM is a LIFESTYLE, not a diet. You learn what a TRUE portion is, and the nutritional value of foods, without restrictions or limitations allowing you to achieve any goal you want!

Brianna Stade

NUTRITIONIST / Yoga, Barre, & Group Fitness Coach

Hi! My name is Brianna Stade. I currently live in Atlanta, GA and am a Nutrition Coach, Yoga, Barre and Group Fitness Instructor.

My fitness journey truly began when I was working at the UFC Gym in Honolulu, HI. I grew up competitively dancing, and was about to auditions for an NFL Cheerleading team. I knew I was well equipped dance wise, but wanted to focus on my physique for the auditions. I started lifting weights, being consistent in the gym, and cut my calories WAY back to drop excess fat. I did it, and made the team! But I was trying to live in a state that was not livable.

My goal is to be your coach, your scorekeeper and your biggest cheerleader. I believe everyone has endless potential when they are mindful and intentional. It is my mission to bring out the best version of each of my clients.