5 Protein Hacks

Out of all the clients I have worked with PROTEIN seems to be the hardest macronutrient to hit. Why is that? Well, my personal opinion is that most of us love foods that are concentrated in either carbohydrates, fat OR both. Carbs and fat are EASY to eat, but protein on the other hand takes a little more effort. Check out these 5 protein hacks that can help ensure you hit your protein goal each day!


  • Pasteurized Liquid Egg Whites

This is my number one protein secret! I am completely obsessed with making fruit smoothies and let’s be honest… protein powder does not make it taste as good. Instead, I add a cup of liquid egg whites to my smoothie and it does not affect the taste at all! The liquid egg whites are pasteurized so there is no need to worry about any bacteria.


  • Non-fat Greek yogurt

And I am talking about REAL Greek yogurt! My favorite brand is Fage. For one cup there is 23g of Protein! You can add this to smoothies or create your own parfait. Add a little almond milk, stevia, cinnamon, berries and BAM delicious high protein snack.


  • Beef/Turkey Jerky

This is probably the easiest hack. There are millions of different flavors you can choose from depending what your macros allow. Purchase a bag at the store eat ALL of it, smile because it’s so yummy. Protein made simple.


  • Casein Protein Powder

DON’T drink it. Make it into pudding! Add a little bit of almond milk while stirring until you find the consistency you like. Add any other goodies your macros will allow. I love adding peanut butter, M&Ms, whip cream, crumbled chocolate rice cake and/or berries. Perfect night time snack because casein is a slow digesting protein so your body will have fuel throughout the night. #science


  • PB2 Powder

This little gem, isn’t CRAZY high in protein like the other “hacks” but it high enough to fill your protein gaps all while tasting amazing! You can use this in substitution (or addition) to peanut butter. If you are low on protein, have carbs to spare and already finished your fat for the day, THIS will be your new best friend.

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