How to Use CBD for Headaches

CBD is the latest craze in the natural health world, and for good reason. Studies show that cannabidiol may help block signals of pain and inflammation to reduce discomfort due to a number of conditions. Because of the evidence that CBD may help reduce pain, many people are using CBD for headaches. Most people get good results, and adverse effects are rare and mild and are usually related to improper dosing. If you suffer from regular or chronic headaches, you may benefit from CBD. Here’s how:

CBD for Headaches According to Studies

Researchers are particularly interested in CBD’s use for pain and inflammation related conditions. The research identified CBD as a pain relieving supplement. Studies show that CBD is able to bind with certain receptors in the brain. The receptors generally receive signals of inflammation and pain, and CBD helps to block these signals. This helps CBD relieve pain all over the body, including pain related to headaches.

Best CBD Products for Headaches

Because headaches often come on suddenly and without warning, you might benefit most from a dosing method that takes effects immediately. CBD tinctures and vapes are often the quickest dosing method available, and they may be able to provide relief within 10-15 minutes of your first dose.

Other methods, like CBD edibles and capsules, can take 45 minutes to half an hour to take effect. However, many reports suggest that the effects of these dosing methods last longer, which may make them better for chronic headache conditions and migraines. Most CBD supplements provide the same benefits, but you should make sure that you choose only high-quality CBD products.

CBD for Headaches Dosing

If you are new to CBD, you may want to start with a low dose. Some resources suggest that an average dose is between 1-5 mg for every 10 pounds of body weight. However, the best dose for you will vary based on other biological factors, like gender, age, health conditions, tolerance, and more.

Your doctor may be able to help you choose the best dose, or you can start low and slowly increase your dose until you get headache relief. Tinctures and vapes make it easy to stack your dose as needed because they take effect quickly. Start with one small dose and wait 15-20 minutes to decide if you need to increase your dose. Once you have noticed the headache symptoms subside, you’ll have an idea how much CBD to take each time you feel a headache coming on.